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Fuel Control CKPT

Fuel Control CKPT

Advantages of fuel consumption control CKPT

  • Identify theft;
  • Control dressings and drains;
  • Accurate measurement of the volume in the tank;
  • Direct measurement of the actual flow;
  • Solutions for diesel and petrol cars.

Sensors monitor the fuel consumption

  • Instantaneous fuel flow senzor DFM;
  • Independently and as part of the system;
  • Fuel level sensor in the tank DUT-E;
  • Simple installation, accurate measurement;
  • Control of petrol and gas;
  • No interference with the fuel system;
  • Data bus CAN;
  • Reserved warranty on your car.

Fuel Control optimizes the performance of your vehicle. Company Agropiese TGR - official representative in Moldova Technoton. We are located at Kishinev, str. Muncesti, 271/7. Buy these sensors in our online store agropiese.md.