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Abbreviations: Technoton and transport monitoring


Agropiese TGR GRUP
Republic of Moldova,
Munchești str. 271
(in the building of "Moldagrotech", 5th floor, office 506A)

Telephone: (+373 22) 63 25 68
E-mail: monitor.agropiese@mail.ru


Irina Nistor
Telephone: 079 448 135

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CKPT- Fuel consumption monitoring system. DUT - Fuel level sensor is used to accurately measure the level of fuel in the tanks of all vehicles and fixed installations.

DFM (DieselFuelConsumptionMeasuring) - Fuel flowmeters, designed to measure the flow of diesel fuel in the fuel line of vehicles and units as part of monitoring of transport.


GPS (Global Positioning System) - US Global Positioning System.

GLONASS - Soviet / Russian Global Navigation Satellite System.

WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) - Distribution system of amendments to the data transmitted navigation system GPS, applied in the United States.

EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) - A system for adjustment of GPS signals, consisting of satellites and ground stations, will apply in Europe.

RTK (Real Time Kinematics) - The set of techniques and methods to obtain plane coordinates and altitudes, terrain points, centimeter accuracy using a satellite navigation system by obtaining corrections from the base station.

Monitoring Transport

GPSTracker - reception-device data dlyasputnikovogokontrolyatransportnyh means people or other objects to which it is attached, using the Global System Pozitsionirovaniyadlya accurately locate the object.

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) - The global standard for digital mobile communications.

Monitoring - systematic monitoring of objects, phenomena, processes for assessment, monitoring and forecasting.

ORFMonitor - Toolkit online service is included as part of a powerful system of satellite monitoring of transport and complex organizational and technical solutions for the implementation of full control over the fleet.

Geofence (Eng. Geo-fence) - Virtual arbitrarily limited area on a map. Geofence used in satellite monitoring systems to define a virtual perimeter at border crossings which occurs alert the user or carry out various commands.