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Controller AS7500 - advanced control system from Leica Geosystems sprayer

Now the navigation system for farming Leica mojoMINI2 and Leica 3D could be improved to create a full sprayer control system.

The company Leica Geosystems introduces a new product - the controller with automatic section control sprayer AS7500.

AS7500 controller has the following features:

  • Precise control of switching on and off up to 30 sections;
  • Sprinkle or crop around obstacles - minimizing skips and overlaps while sowing soil treatment when passing trees and other obstacles;
  • Spraying and Seeding capes and headlands;
  • Adjust the flow rate of the water spray;
  • Automatically detect settings for engineering work;
  • Immediate transition from automatic to the mechanical control;

AS7500 has compatibility not only with a GPS-receivers Leica Geosystems, but also with other receivers from leading manufacturers and is compatible with all sprinklers equipped with a mechanism of selection off, regardless of the manufacturer.

AS7500 controller is equipped with a RS232 interface, CAN-bus and the ports to control the voltage.

The use of AS7500 costs are reduced and crops produced with greater care.