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Fuel consumption indicator DFMi from Technoton at a low price!

New product - fuel consumption indicator DFMi aims to achieve high and reliable control of fuel consumption in cars, tractors and units, operated in a temperate climate. DFMi apply in cases where access to reading directly from DFM is limited or even impossible.

Indicator DFMi fuel can be installed in the cab, or in another convenient for visual readout spot.

Features DFMi:

  • lightweight and compact design;
  • self-powered by the internal battery;
  • compatibility with fuel gauges from different manufacturers;
  • account total fuel consumption;
  • track of time a consumer fuel - overall and in different modes;
  • Easily view the counters in the driver's cab;
  • reliable protection against cheating indicators;
  • attractive cost.

Indicator DFMi fuel can be used together with the fuel metering Technoton production (e.g., DFM AK, DFM SC, DFM D) or with the fuel flow sensors with an output pulse signal from other manufacturers.