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NozzleCrocodile - control of fuel consumption for small commercial vehicles

Department of monitoring and navigation Agropiese TGR offers a new solution for controlling the flow of petrol and gas - contactless reader NozzleCrocodile.

Contactless reader reads NozzleCrocodile engine injector pulses and converts them into standard pulses whose number is proportional to the amount of fuel consumed. Read signals are not in electrical contact with the wires injector control. Thus, no intervention in the vehicle electronics.

Features Nozzle Crocodile

  • powered by an onboard network TS - no need to use additional devices (power supply);
  • contactless reading signals without compromising the integrity of the insulation of wires and effects on the electronic and electrical equipment of a vehicle;
  • ease of installation and operation;
  • JavaScript luminous display modes;
  • work without first setting;
  • compatible with all GPS / GLONASS monitoring of transport terminals, having an input for pulsed flow of fuel (available);
  • certified according to European standards for Electromagnetic Safety during installation on vehicles E-mark (available).

Scope of the contactless reader NozzleCrocodile - small commercial vehicles: passenger cars, pickup trucks, minivans, trucks, utility vehicles and machinery, which can not use the fuel flow meter DFM due to the limited space of the engine compartment.