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СКРТ controls the fuel consumption of small commercial vehicles

Despite the presence of wide range of solutions for fuel consumption monitoring on the CIS countries markets, owners of small commercial vehicles, until recently, were not able to control accurately the flow of gasoline and gas of transport in this category.

The use of such traditional instruments as the fuel level and fuel flow control sensors is impossible or difficult for light commercial vehicles. Engineers and installers often should face the following challenges:

  • not enough space under bonnet,
  • the complex shape of the fuel tank,
  • inconvenient location of the tank,
  • explosiveness of gasoline when fuel level sensors are installed,
  • lack of a tool for controlling the flow of gas.

Due to the high complexity of installation of traditional fuel control system integrators are often limited by settings of the transport monitoring terminal and offer the customer to continue and to deduct fuel standards. This position is a forced measure, and it does not satisfy the needs of owners of small vehicles.

Fuel consumption monitoring system (or СКРТ) controls the flow of fuel and gas of small commercial vehicles using contactless reader NozzleCrocodile. It is easy to install, compact, powered by an onboard network and does not interfere with the electronic systems of the vehicle.

Operational principle is simple: when you install NozzleCrocodile, it transmits signals on engeene injectors, processes the information and sends it in the form of normalized pulses in vehicle monitoring terminal FCMC. The method provides data on consumption of gasoline and gas with an error of less than 1%.