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Fuel filters SEPAR-2000

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Filter SEPAR EVO-10 SEPAR EVO-10: 100% fuel purification of water and 96% of the dirt, with a slight delay on the path.

Water - the main polluter of the combustible mixture. It corrodes engine reduces its power reduces service life. The water enters the fuel as a result of condensation inside the fuel tank, if not oil refining, non-compliance with the rules of transportation fuel. Moreover, especially in our conditions the fuel is often dirty. To overcome these problems, systems have been developed and purification of fuel - fuel filters.

Company Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik (Germany) has developed a line of filters for fuel SEPAR-2000 - the only system in the world with 100% clean fuel from water and 96% - from the mud.

Filters for fuels family SEPAR-2000 have a five-step fuel system cleaning and clean fuel mixture even before entering the combustion chamber.

Benefits SEPAR-2000 before other purification systems Fuel:

  • 100% fuel purification of water and 96% of the dirt, with a slight delay on the path of the combustible mixture to the combustion chamber;
  • guarantee engine start in winter thanks to the "smart" fuel heater;
  • warning indicator inside the car;
  • Fuel filters family SEPAR-2000 installed on all types of diesel engines.

Fuel filter SEPAR-2000 set off the assembly line such well-known firms like Cummins, Deutz, John Deere, MAN, Volvo, Fendt, New Holland, Challenger, Scania, DAF, KAMAZ, MAZ and other leading manufacturers equipment.

Agropiese TGR GRUP - the official dealer of the manufacturer Separ-2000 Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik company in Moldova.

Agropiese TGR GRUP offers its customers a fuel filters for all types of diesel engines.