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Technoton, Leica and Hexagon have proved the effectiveness of the workshop for agricultural enterprises

August 7 was a workshop of Agropiese TGR, dedicated to the latest technologies and innovations in agriculture. At the seminar, representatives of about 60 large agricultural farms familiar with the systems and precision farming system for monitoring fuel consumption offered by Hexagon, Leica and Technoton.

At the bottom of the field was a presentation of an innovative device for precision farming Ti5 - Hexagon, which offers versatility, functionality and the ability to operate in harsh environments, as well as agronavigatora Leica mojoMINI2. These devices make it possible to map the yield, nutrient reserves, effectively scatter fertilizers, seeds to make or carry out high-precision spraying. The presentation of the product Leica held Head of Department of monitoring and navigation Sergei Balanyuk and Hexagon - invited from Kiev, the regional representative Alexei Sokurov.

Of no less interest among the participants of the seminar was the presentation of the monitoring and control of fuel consumption (MTCR), which solves the problem:

  • fuel consumption control;
  • time control of the engine;
  • detecting and preventing theft of fuel;
  • optimization of fuel consumption and bookkeeping.

Presentation of precision equipment included and the practical part: devices were installed on farm machinery, which showed the high efficiency and has been proven fast payback precision farming systems and monitoring. It is these qualities and Leica systems Technoton, which represents the company in Moldova Agropiese TGR, allow them every year more and more become an integral part of an efficient and modern agricultural business in our country.