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Appreciate precision agriculture and monitoring fuel on Field Day

We invite you to see in practice how precision farming and control of fuel cultivation improve the quality and save money!

At the bottom of the field, which will be held Aug. 7 near Chisinau (see. Map) Department monitoring and navigation Agropiese TGR present precision farming Leica mojoMINI2 and novelty Hexagon Ti5, monitoring and control of fuel consumption, as well as universal separator filters for diesel engines.

The presentation will consist of two parts - theoretical seminar and field work units that will be installed on the tractor.

On visiting the workshop will be to consult with the help of experts of the Department to monitor and navigate to find the optimum decision to purchase a particular device for your business.

Precision farming and fuel control, the company offers Agropiese TGR, versatile in use and compatible with all agricultural machines from any manufacturer.

Fuel control systems:

  • can significantly reduce fuel costs, improve the efficiency of each machine, to completely eliminate the theft of fuel, and to make a functional system of evaluation of work of drivers;
  • will help absorb the most economical way of driving and to select the optimal mode of driving in certain areas;
  • designed to develop or test in the field of fuel consumption rate on a particular route or a specific operation.

Precision farming:

  • save herbicides and pesticides;
  • increase the speed of the field work;
  • improve the quality and precision agriculture;
  • save fuel.

We look forward to visiting the workshop everyone!