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How to reduce fuel consumption haul tractors? In Agropiese TGR is a complex solution!

How to reduce fuel consumption haul tractors? In Agropiese TGR is a complex solution!

Fuel consumption is often the subject of conflict. The difference in the figures leads to serious disagreements within the transport company. How to get rid of the eternal headache and be sure that fuel consumption - is optimal?

There are various factors that affect fuel consumption - operating conditions, driving style, serviceability of the tractor and trailer, the poor quality of fuel and banal theft.

Department of "monitoring and Navigation" company Agropiese TGR, offers a definitive answer to the question of how to reduce fuel consumption - a multilevel system of monitoring and control of fuel consumption.

The monitoring and control of fuel consumption consists of the following elements:

  • control fuel flow into the tank;
  • control fuel flow to the engine;
  • flow control c CANshin;
  • control of cargo weight.

Controlling the flow of fuel from the tanks

With the help of the fuel level sensor DUT-E detected the theft of fuel from the tanks is controlled by the amount of fuel filling / draining the fuel and fuel in the tanks.

In the case of tractors with two tanks, installed two fuel level sensor and an adder.

Control of fuel flow in the line type Common rail or unit injector

With the help of a differential flow meter DFM is controlled fuel consumption, while the engine. Revealed the theft of fuel from the fuel line and fuel system fault.

Fuel Control on tires CAN / J1708

With contactless reader Crocodile controlled by the fuel consumption of the engine operating conditions, the state of staff sensors (such as engine speed, engine temperature, engine oil pressure itd). Troubleshoot the vehicle.

Control axle load

With the axle load sensor DDE monitors the load on the axle and change the weight of the freight. Thus revealed the "Left" excluded goods and penalties for exceeding the permissible load.

For interested clients department of monitoring and navigation Agropiese TGR is ready to hold a free seminar, which will describe in detail how to reduce fuel consumption, will describe the operation of each of the nodes of control and provide training solutions for the operation of multi-level control fuel haul tractors.