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Hexagon Agriculture in Moldova

Agropiese TGR GRUP SRL - the official distributor of Leica Geosystems Agriculture in Moldova informs you that Brand Hexagon Agriculture was officially launched as a new business, centered in the sphere of agriculture.

On 14 October 2005 the Swedish company Heksagon (Hexagon) has acquired more than 98% of the shares of the company Leica Geosystems and officially became the owner.

One of the key unit is Hexagon Hexagon Agriculture. The department was created for the use of unique technology to address the needs of agriculture in the future.

Hexagon Agriculture brand was launched in February this year at the exhibition Rural Coopavel in Brazil.

Hexagon Agriculture consists of Arvus Technologia and iLab Solutions, two innovative Brazilian companies that focus on technologies for agriculture, these companies were acquired by Hexagon in 2014, in conjunction with Leica Geosystems technology for agriculture and industry.

Mission Hexagon Agriculture

Mission Hexagon Agriculture is dedicated to providing effective solutions through the use of modern and sustainable information technology to improve agricultural production of all types.

Concept Hexagon Agriculture

Being a supplier N1 in technology management planning and optimization solutions for the agricultural sector at the global level.

Products and services of Leica Geosystems Agriculture remains the same, but offered under the brand Hexagon Agriculture: the ultra-precise autopilots Leica, which you can buy in Agropiese TGR!

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