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New fuel consumption DFM with a digital interface

DFM Fuel flowmeters are used to measure the flow of fuel consumed in the fuel system of vehicles, as well as units that make up the monitoring systems of transport.

Recently completed acceptance testing, and began serial production of new models of fuel flow meters DFM.

Now you can buy not only autonomous and pulse patterns, but also single- and differential DFM flow of fuel to the output digital interfaces CAN, RS-232 and RS-485.

Digital interfaces compared with conventional pulse having a maximum intensity information output fuel meter DFM and high reliability of data transmission to the terminal transport monitoring.

Included with the system, vehicle monitoring, sensors DFM to output digital interfaces allow motorists to exercise control in the online mode, the following parameters:

  • fuel consumption (instant, total and modes of operation of the engine);
  • the engine is running (total and modes of operation of the engine);
  • attempts meter tampering;
  • meter malfunction;
  • passport details meter (serial number, date of issue, the total time and time from the internal battery).

A particular advantage is that the flow of fuel DFM CAN (CAN interface with output 2.0 V, the protocol SAE J1939) can be used in the composition of the telematics bus S6 together with fuel level sensors DUT-E CAN and other auxiliary equipment and staff.

SKRT vehicle monitoring terminal can read only one entry interface CAN, information from the sensors 1 to 8 DUT-E CAN and from 1 to 4 meters DFM CAN simultaneously.

For special and technological transport this quality has a huge advantage, because you can simultaneously control the parameters of the vehicle and its accessories.

Buy DFM fuel flow meters can be Agropiese TGR. In Moldova, we are official dealers Technoton, manufacturer of flowmeters.