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Fuel filter Separ 2000 is your safety!

Fuel filter Separ 2000 - is a new multi-stage centrifugal cleaning system fuel for cars and trucks, buses, road-building and agricultural machinery, diesel engines onboard electric 12 or 24 in., FUEL equipment, as well as various types of water transport. Many of the leading manufacturers of diesel technology, especially as important devices using filters Separ 2000 as hardware.

Trucks MAN, DAF, IVECO, KAMAZ, MAZ and other filters are often equipped with fuel filter Separ 2000 directly on the assembly line. Worldwide German quality and highest efficiency fuel filters Separ 2000 are recognized unsurpassed. Separ 2000 come in 44 countries around the world.

Fuel filters Separ 2000 - high technology in a small volume, it is easy to install and easy to service.

We are dealers of Willibrord Lösing, Technoton, Leica Geosystem and many others.