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Leica mojoXact Plus - module for more accurate positioning

Leica mojoXact Plus - module for more accurate positioning BuyBuy Leica mojoXact Plus

Leica mojo3D Leica Mojo3d: Navigation system and management with your fingertips.
Leica mojoXact Plus Leica mojoXact Plus: an optional RTK-enabled device universal terminal ISOBUS.
GPS-navigator Ti5 Hexagon Ti5: a GPS navigation system, and a multifunctional precision farming.

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Leica mojoXact Plus - an optional RTK-enabled device universal terminal ISOBUS, this feature allows the steering and control of working equipment through a single terminal.

Leica mojoXact Plus - this equipment to obtain RTK-corrections in real time, providing the highest accuracy in its class due to full compensation for relief.

With reproducible precision, Leica mojoXact Plus is an additional option for high-precision navigation system Leica mojo3D.

Technical characteristics Leica mojoXact Plus

Accuracy module Leica mojoXact Plus

Ensures maximum accuracy, the coordinates are updated at a rate of 20 times a second (20Hz) to improve steering accuracy even at high speeds.

  • L1 / L2 RTK Base Station GeoAce (+ -20 mm);
  • L1 / L2 GL1DE®;
  • Network RTK (NTRIP) (+ -20 mm);
  • 6-axis terrain compensation for all modes.


Getting the GPS and GLONASS signals without any additional subscription with the ability to connect to other GNSS systems.

  • GPS;
  • Hardware support for Galileo;
  • Hardware support BeiDou.

System Software Leica mojoXact Plus

  • Remote update and maintenance.
  • You can feel confident as Leica mojoXact Plus has a built-in modem to request technical support services through Leica Virtual WrenchTM - remote maintenance system Leica Geosystems.

Compatibility Leica mojoXact Plus

More options and greater flexibility is achieved through the following functions:

  • Support for universal terminal ISOBUS, thanks to this standard simplifies the operation and reduces the number of terminals in the cab;
  • Compatible with any tractor, equipment having no universal terminal can connect the module to the navigation system Leica mojo3D;
  • Support for open standards (ISO, NMEA, RTK-corrections formats);
  • Many options for receiving data, internal / external radio network RTK and determination of coordinates by using a stand-alone navigation device.

Management of Leica mojoXact Plus

Various options of high-precision steering:

  • Support for Leica SteerDirect CAN, SRK and Hydraulic;
  • The data rate for motion control twice the industry standard.

With RTK-receiver, accuracy of field work is enhanced by achieving a minimum of overlap and gaps between the rows (± 2 cm pass-to-pass), thus you can save on fertilizers or plant protection products and seeds, diesel fuel, increase working time agricultural machinery, and by labor productivity.

Leica mojoXact Plus is used for a variety of field work, which need precision, such as fertilizing, spraying, cultivation, disking wide-units, etc.