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GPS-navigation in Moldova

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Leica mojo3D Leica Mojo3d: Navigation system and management with your fingertips.
Leica mojoXact Plus Leica mojoXact Plus: an optional RTK-enabled device universal terminal ISOBUS.
GPS-navigator Ti5 Hexagon Ti5: a GPS navigation system, and a multifunctional precision farming.

GPS navigation in Moldova and other countries recent years has become widely used in motor vehicles and agriculture in many countries, including in Moldova. Innovative satellite navigation devices are called navigators or lightbar.

Lightbar maintenance used to increase the efficiency of agricultural machinery. Such devices allow high degree of accuracy and error-free, regardless of the terrain, time of day, the degree of visibility and cross-country drive self-propelled machinery of any type - combines, tractors, sprayers, harvesters, mowers, etc. The device for GPS navigation able to optimize fuel consumption, fertilizer and other materials that are consumed in various agricultural activities.

As a result of innovative technologies such as GPS and GLONASS, which are able via satellite, to calculate the optimal route, significantly reducing the cost and timing of agricultural work. In addition, almost minimizes operator fatigue. GPS navigation in this respect improves the safety and efficiency of the human factor when dealing with systems of automatic driving.

The results show that the use of GPS navigation devices leads to an amazing performance: reducing financial costs, reduced fuel consumption when processing large areas and to minimize wear of agricultural machinery. Finally, the "smart" tillage improves the reproduction of the soil and ecological purity of the crop.

With the help of GPS navigation devices for agricultural machinery from the company Leica Geosystems, you will increase the productivity of their work in the field at times! Whether you choose a younger model with the most affordable price and a basic set of functions, Leica mojoMINI, or look at the ultra-precise autopilot Leica mojo3D - each of these devices will be able to save you time and money!