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GPS-navigator Leica Mojo3d

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Leica mojo3D Leica Mojo3d: Navigation system and management with your fingertips.
Leica mojoXact Plus Leica mojoXact Plus: an optional RTK-enabled device universal terminal ISOBUS.
GPS-navigator Ti5 Hexagon Ti5: a GPS navigation system, and a multifunctional precision farming.

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GPS-navigator Leica mojo3D is a navigation and management system at your fingertips.

In accordance with your needs GPS-navigator Leica Mojo3d functionality can be extended through an additional package of option: automatic electromechanical driving with relief compensation module, single-section and multi-section control modules, as well as the use of high-precision mode RTK when device is used with the Leica mojoXact.

Technical characteristics of GPS-navigator Leica Mojo3d



  • Scribblers are parallel to the slides AB
  • A + curve with a repetition of the previous scribbler
  • Processing of turning zones with followed parallel scribblers
  • Binding to the center
  • Saving and choosing of strips
  • Data import / export via USB


  • 7" touch screen with a high-quality three-dimensional graphics
  • Friendly GUI menu
  • Three-dimensional image with " view from the driver's cab", or "one side view , or view of the traditional mode, " view from above" with a focus on the north or right
  • Auxiliary display to facilitate following the trajectory
  • Waterproof metal case


Benefits of GPS-navigator Leica Mojo3d

Increase your efficiency and productivity with GPS-navigator Leica Mojo3d! Easy to use Leica mojo3D combines a large 7-inch touch screen and a unique three-dimensional user interface with intuitive graphical menu. Thanks to the waterproof metal case Leica mojo3D can be operated in the most challenging field environments.

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Download the description of GPS-navigator Leica mojo3D: download