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GPS-navigator Hexagon Ti5 for agriculture

GPS-navigator Hexagon Ti5 for agriculture BuyBuy GPS-navigator Hexagon Ti5

Leica mojo3D Leica Mojo3d: Navigation system and management with your fingertips.
Leica mojoXact Plus Leica mojoXact Plus: an optional RTK-enabled device universal terminal ISOBUS.
GPS-navigator Ti5 Hexagon Ti5: a GPS navigation system, and a multifunctional precision farming.

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Agropiese TGR, a spokesman for Hexagon Agriculture, is a new GPS system for agriculture - Hexagon Ti5.

GPS-navigator Hexagon Ti5 can be used as a navigation system, and as a multifunctional precision farming. With expanded use of GPS-navigator Hexagon Ti5 allows you to save a lot of costs: there is an economy of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers - by 15%, while fuel costs are reduced by 20%.

The functionality of the GPS-navigator Hexagon Ti5:

  • Automatic driving;
  • function spray seeding, spreading of fertilizers and other;
  • count takes the treated area;
  • Mapping the field.

Thanks to the extension or automatic driving you can accurately drive a tractor, sprayer or combine harvester, regardless of the specified series of visibility. As a consequence, reduces the time and cost of the work.

GPS-navigator Hexagon Ti5 made of durable alloy are well understood and easy to maintain. Touch screen with a diagonal Hexagon Ti5 5 inches ensures the accuracy and clarity of navigation.