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Precision farming in agriculture from Leica Geosystems

Despite the fact that precision farming is not as well developed in the Republic of Moldova, both in the European Union, favorable conditions for the development and implementation of precision agriculture has great potential in agricultural production.

Of the total land area of RM arable land is about 70%, but the yield has relatively low profitability. To this effect a number of factors, namely, the high degree of fragmentation of land - it is a negative factor, since the profit from this type of employment land is scarce. Another factor is the lack of training as technology and agricultural specialists.

But in the last 2-3 years there is a significant development of agriculture in national development programs in the field of foreign investment and the introduction of modern technologies in agriculture.

Precision farming, along with an increase in productivity and the development of agriculture, in general, beneficial effects on the national economy by implementing precision technology - the system of GPS-navigation.

The official dealer of Leica Geosystems, "Agropiese TGR" offers farmers of RM various navigation systems, depending on the agricultural machinery and the required accuracy of cultivation.

So you can choose different devices for precision farming, ranging from simple heading sensor Leica mojoMini2 (accuracy 15-20cm.), To multi-function system Leica mojo3D, to which you can connect RTK module mojoXact plus (accuracy of 2-5 cm.) And automatic steering management.

Appliances fitted with navigation systems, has a great advantage for agriculture. These systems allow you to perform and document quality agricultural work all year round:

  • Autumn - helping to prepare the ground for the next season (plowing, to spraying and fertilization became more productive);
  • In winter - the time to analyze the results and make decisions for next season, with cards containing information about the state of the soil, the yield obtained per unit area, etc.;
  • Spring - seeding, spraying and the introduction of high-precision fertilizer to increase yields of production;
  • The summer - an efficient harvest with maximum precision, day and night.