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SUPERTECH now in Moldova!

SUPERTECH apparatus for reducing fuel consumption. Developed by Italian scientists in the late twentieth century, this unit is used throughout Europe and Latin America. The uniqueness of this device is that using the known laws of physics and chemistry (Law van der Waals forces) can achieve almost complete combustion of the fuel in the combustion chamber of the car. Of course, attempts were made to reduce fuel consumption and taken the time, but usually it uses sophisticated computer equipment, which controls the engine. This is a fairly expensive equipment, and as a rule it is only installed on new machines and requires constant and skilled maintenance, thus saving in using these devices become highly questionable. The device SUPERTECH® rid of these shortcomings, and can be used in both new cars and used in. In this case, the car owner spent only once - when purchasing SUPERTECH®.

SUPERTECH device is easy to use, democratic price. It allows to reduce fuel costs to 12%. The device does not use chemical substances and additives. Sufficient to establish SUPERTECH® in the fuel tank and ... forget about it for 5 years.

If briefly described the advantages of using this SUPERTECH® firstly, reduced gaseous emissions, which prolongs engine life and suppositories. Secondly - a reduction in fuel consumption, which improves performance. And thirdly - a decline in maintenance vehicle.

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