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GPS - vehicle tracking software

GPS - monitoring of vehicles

ORF Monitor – GPS-tracking of vehicles online;

Reports - provide detailed information required for the analysis operation;

Tarrifs – subscription fee, paid for the maintenance of the fleet account.

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GPS - vehicle tracking software as follows:

  1. ORF Monitor - GPS-tracking of vehicles in real time on the service ORF Monitor;
  2. Reports - detailed information necessary for the efficient analysis of vehicle;
  3. Fees - fee, introduced for maintaining the fleet account.

ORF software for GPS vehicle tracking

Software ORF is a universal service for GPS vehicle tracking of corporate transport, which is not tied to any type of on-board equipment. Its simple, economical and most flexible connection protocol allows virtually any type of board terminals, functioning by different communication standards, including - GPRS, CDMA, HSPA +, SMS, GSM, personal radio and other wireless communications.

In order to be able to use all the functions of service GPS vehicle tracking, avionics must have a receiver that supports GPS or GLONASS sensors fuel consumption, current fuel level and engine speed. Another alternative sensors - connecting the equipment to the CAN-bus.

Functional diagram of the service GPS vehicle tracking in real time has three levels of government: the fleet - a group of machines - transport / car. These levels are organizing a user's access to view information and reports in an expanded form.

Reports GPS vehicle tracking

For processing information received from the vehicle to the server GPS-tracking of vehicles was performed ability to perform the analytical assay. Reports in turn allow to systematize information on the transport unit for a specific period of time to provide the information in a table and graphically show the details of the basic values and sensors.

  • In software ORF is implementing a number of analytical reports:
  • Report of movement;
  • Report fuel consumption;
  • Player routes;
  • Visit report certain geographical areas;
  • A report on the results of a group of machines.
  • Additional types of reports.

The presented analytical reports provide an opportunity to undertake a full and comprehensive analysis of the use of vehicles for a given period, and of course, allow for a comparison. GPS vehicle tracking has the structure of the report, which is based on a unique long-term experience of development and implementation of tracking transport enterprises from various fields. Reports will be simple and intuitive for any user. Each can independently set the analyzed period, or choose options for displaying graphics. Reports have enough data to form a complete picture of the operation and use of the machine.

To get started with the service GPS monitoring of vehicle, the user does not need to install too complex and unnecessarily expensive servers, licensing program and detailed electronic charts. Just enough to have access to the Internet. So, from anywhere in the world fleet officer will be able to find out where he was going now vehicles which mode the engine is running, and how many kilometers have been completed.