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Reports of GPS monitoring

GPS - monitoring of vehicles

ORF Monitor – GPS-tracking of vehicles online;

Reports - provide detailed information required for the analysis operation;

Tarrifs – subscription fee, paid for the maintenance of the fleet account.

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For processing data received from the TC server ORF Monitor implemented the ability to perform analyzes. The report allows you to organize data from the vehicle for a certain period of time, to present data in tabular and graphical (charts, graphs) form, show complete data on the values of parameters and counters CU.

Analytical reports provide an opportunity for a full and multifaceted analysis of vehicles over a certain period. Composition report is based on extensive years of experience developing and implementing systems for monitoring vehicles on the enterprises of different industries. Reports of the machines are simple and intuitive for the user. He alone can ask the period under review, as well as select the parameters to display graphs and charts. Reports provide enough data to form a complete picture of the machine.

To work with the service GPS monitoring of vehicles the user does not need to install complicated and expensive server, client software, buy electronic card. Enough to have access to the Internet - and from anywhere in the world fleet officer can find out where and how the trucking company.