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15 years of the joint venture Technoton!

At the end of April 2015 the joint venture Technoton celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Technoton - actively developing company. with the continued growth in sales of equipment for monitoring fuel consumption and vehicle monitoring. The company is located in Minsk, Belarus, and the flow of fuel DFM and fuel level sensors DUT-E is produced in the town of Vileyka on subsidiary JV Technoton - Plant Flometr.

The company began its work with a staff of several people, but continued to grow and develop to the developer and manufacturer of sophisticated electronic equipment to monitor and control fuel.

Technoton in collaboration with the largest enterprises of Minsk (MAZ AMAZ, MTZ, MSW, BelAZ) produces high-quality and proven products, in accordance with all the requirements of the Technical Regulations and Metrology, as the Russian standardization system and European.

More than 70% of production in the CIS countries, Asia, the European Union, Latin America and Africa (90 countries).

Technoton company has an extensive network of distribution and about 20 service centers for warranty and post-warranty service of products Technoton. Particular attention is paid not only to the quality of the goods, but also training of employees, dealers and partners, and for certified quality system. The company conducts seminars dealers in various regions to discuss current issues of promotion and operation of products, and also participates in major international trade fairs.

JV Technoton Congratulations on the 15th anniversary! We wish you prosperity and well-being!