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Fuel level sensor DUT-E

Fuel level sensor DUT-E BuyBuy Fuel sensor DUT-E
СКРТ 45 СКРТ 45 transmits data about the location and parameters of equipment.
Sensor DUT-E DUT-E measures the level of fuel in the tanks of automotive vehicles.
Sensor DFM DFM: measures fuel flux (consumption) and oil in engines of cars.
Reader CANCrocodile CANCrocodile provides data on the work of the vehicle CAN bus without interfering the tire itself.
Reader 1708Crocodile 1708Crocodile obtains data from the bus J1708 (SAE J1587) without electrical connection.
Controller NozzleCrocodile NozzleCrocodile controlls the flow of gasoline and natural gas consumed by engine.
Sensors DDE, DP DDE, DP: are connected to the transport monitoring terminal.
Terminal GALILEOSKY Terminal GALILEOSKY: captures the most important parameters for the use of the vehicle.

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Fuel level sensor DUT-E is used to measure accurately the level of fuel in the tanks of vehicles, buses, tractors, road-building machinery, as well as fixed installations.

Fuel level sensor DUT-E has a standard flange (5 screws) and can be installed as into regular fuel sensor opening and into the special opening in the tank. Everything needed to install and seal DUT-E is inclused in the installation kit MK DUT-E. It is recommended to set up DUT-E in the geometric center of the tank. 

Technical characteristics fuel level sensor


The operating principle capacitive
Measurement error ±1%
Power supply 10-50 V
Overload protection voltage up to 100 V
Temperature range ensure efficiency from  -40 to +85 °C
Current consumption ,  up to  
at 24 V  to 25 mA
at 24 V  to 50 mA
Degree of protection IP54
Models by length, mm 2500, 2000, 1400*, 1000*, 700*, 500, 350,
250, 180


Benefits fuel level sensor DUT-E

  • fuel level sensor as well as fuel flow senzor DFM corresponds to all  EU road standards;
  • unique bottom spring support provides rigidity of fastening;
  • ergonomic bayonet mount sensor saves time on installation;
  • allows cutting length and capacity;
  • there is explosion-proof;
  • filter protects against water and dirt;
  • sealing openings to prevent unatorized manipulations with the sensor;
  • package includes everything you need for installation and connection (connection cable, mounting plate, rubber gaskets, screws and seals).

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