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Contactless Reader 1708Crocodile

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СКРТ 45 СКРТ 45 transmits data about the location and parameters of equipment.
Sensor DUT-E DUT-E measures the level of fuel in the tanks of automotive vehicles.
Sensor DFM DFM: measures fuel flux (consumption) and oil in engines of cars.
Reader CANCrocodile CANCrocodile provides data on the work of the vehicle CAN bus without interfering the tire itself.
Reader 1708Crocodile 1708Crocodile obtains data from the bus J1708 (SAE J1587) without electrical connection.
Controller NozzleCrocodile NozzleCrocodile controlls the flow of gasoline and natural gas consumed by engine.
Sensors DDE, DP DDE, DP: are connected to the transport monitoring terminal.
Terminal GALILEOSKY Terminal GALILEOSKY: captures the most important parameters for the use of the vehicle.

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Proximity Reader 1708Crocodile used to obtain data from the bus J1708 (SAE J1587) without electrical connection to the bus.

Installation is carried out by fixing of fastening wires of bus J1708 in special clamp of device without disturbing the insulation of wires and interference in the vehicle electronic systems.

1708Crocodile can be connected either directly to the terminal transport monitoring and data interface of the car.

1708Crocodile can reliably read data from the bus J1708, passing in transport monitoring parameters of vehicle: fuel consumption, engine operating conditions, state of the sensors, codes of diagnostic.

Technical characteristics 1708Crocodile


The loss of messages %
less than
Compatibility   SAE J1587
* Nominal voltage, V 12/24
* Cable length, 0,7 m
* Versions of insulated wire cable with stripped endм
* Basic model  


Benefits 1708Crocodile

  • Device is powered by the vehicle electrical system;
  • LED indication of operating modes;
  • work begins immediately after connection;
  • easy to install and use;
  • certified by European standards of electromagnetic security installation on vehicles (E-mark);
  • a certificate of compliance with technical regulations on safety of wheeled vehicles PCT.

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