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Fuel flow sensor DFM

Fuel flow sensor DFM BuyBuy Fuel flow sensor DFM
СКРТ 45 СКРТ 45 transmits data about the location and parameters of equipment.
Sensor DUT-E DUT-E measures the level of fuel in the tanks of automotive vehicles.
Sensor DFM DFM: measures fuel flux (consumption) and oil in engines of cars.
Reader CANCrocodile CANCrocodile provides data on the work of the vehicle CAN bus without interfering the tire itself.
Reader 1708Crocodile 1708Crocodile obtains data from the bus J1708 (SAE J1587) without electrical connection.
Controller NozzleCrocodile NozzleCrocodile controlls the flow of gasoline and natural gas consumed by engine.
Sensors DDE, DP DDE, DP: are connected to the transport monitoring terminal.
Terminal GALILEOSKY Terminal GALILEOSKY: captures the most important parameters for the use of the vehicle.

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Fuel flow sensor DFM is designed for measuring fuel flux (consumption) in engines of cars, river boats, diesel generators and also boilers, burners and other consumers of fuel oil.

DFM fuel flow sensors are used in control fuel and vehicle tracking systems. This device can  solve different tasks:

  • accounting  of the actual fuel consumption;
  • rationing of fuel consumption;
  • detecting and preventing thefts of fuel;
  • real-time monitoring and optimization of fuel consumption;
  • engine testing of the fuel consumption.

Fuel flow sensor DFM has a measuring chamber volume of the annular type. Device generates a pulse at the overflow of the volume of fuel equal to the volume of the measuring chamber. The number of pulses generated by sensor when is 1 liter of fuel is overflown ais marked on the sensor harness.

Technical characteristics Fuel flow sensor DFM


Connecting thread М14х1,5
Nominal pressure, MPa 0,2
The maximum pressure, MPa  2,5
Supply voltage, V  10-50
Protection against interference, V ≤100
Current supply, мА ≤ 25 (24 V)
≤ 50 (12 V)
Ambient temperature, ° C  sensors without screen:
-40 to +80;
sensors with screen:
- 20 to +60


Benefits Fuel flow sensor DFM

  • Protection against meddling and data falsification;
  • System work in the absence of power supply;
  • Accounting of work time of fuel consumer - general and in different modes of consumption;
  • Compliance with automotive standards regarding electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical and environmental impacts (СТБ ISO 7637-2, СТБ ISO 7637-3, ГОСТ 30378, ГОСТ 3940, ГОСТ 28751, ГОСТ 29157, ГОСТ Р 50607) as well as fuel level sensor DUT-E corresponds to all EU road standards;
  • Large dirtproof filter;
  • 100% verification of produced sensors with using of pouring metrological certified installation.