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GPS monitoring in Moldova

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СКРТ 45 СКРТ 45 transmits data about the location and parameters of equipment.
Sensor DUT-E DUT-E measures the level of fuel in the tanks of automotive vehicles.
Sensor DFM DFM: measures fuel flux (consumption) and oil in engines of cars.
Reader CANCrocodile CANCrocodile provides data on the work of the vehicle CAN bus without interfering the tire itself.
Reader 1708Crocodile 1708Crocodile obtains data from the bus J1708 (SAE J1587) without electrical connection.
Controller NozzleCrocodile NozzleCrocodile controlls the flow of gasoline and natural gas consumed by engine.
Sensors DDE, DP DDE, DP: are connected to the transport monitoring terminal.
Terminal GALILEOSKY Terminal GALILEOSKY: captures the most important parameters for the use of the vehicle.

Fuel consumption monitoring system (or СКРТ), produces  route monitoring of transport and other operational parameters of the vehicle.

GPS monitoring is set to cars, tractors, trucks, stationary diesel generators etc. Fuel level control avoids theft (drains) from the tank, check falsifications etc.

GPS monitoring enables:

For executive director - СКРТ reduces costs or fuel and fleet repair, increase the effectivness of each machine, excludes frauds with the theft of fuel, establishes an effective system of drivers awarding.

For vehicle driver - GPS monitoring gives possibility to master economical driving style, quickly detects faults, to select the optimal modes of fuctioning for a particular operation.

For bookkeeper - СКРТ takes in account spent fuel, reduces costs of maintenance and transport charge-off.

For economist – with СКРТ you can develop or test rates of fuel consumption on a particular route or operation.

The benefits of GPS monitoring:

  • Simultaneous control and analysis of multiple sensors;
  • Measurement of actual fuel consumption;
  • Numerous service functions for drivers and managers;
  • Intuitive and informative software;
  • Good documentation;
  • Affordable price and quick payback;
  • In installation kit you can find all necessary parts for quick installation;
  • Advanced system of reports: text, graphics, diagrams.
  • Key parameters controlled system of СКРТ
  • Fuel consumption
  • Amount of time and refills
  • Amount of time and drains
  • Passed distance 
  • Moving time
  • Downtime
  • Speed
  • Engine speed
  • Engine hours
  • Engine run time
  • Vehicle system voltage
  • GPS-tracking

GPS monitoring is a complex solution that is able to handle simultaneously multiple tasks: timeless control of transport, monitoring of the state of the fuel quantity, control the load on the axle and the mass of the load, monitor, and time of work, technical condition of transport and modes of exploatation.

GPS monitoring by Technoton applies not only high precision level sensor to measure fuel change in the tank, but also the main fuel flow meters. If the system is installed on modern machines, the information can be taken directly from the CAN bus.