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Control system NozzleCrocodile

Control system NozzleCrocodile BuyBuy Control system NozzleCrocodile
СКРТ 45 СКРТ 45 transmits data about the location and parameters of equipment.
Sensor DUT-E DUT-E measures the level of fuel in the tanks of automotive vehicles.
Sensor DFM DFM: measures fuel flux (consumption) and oil in engines of cars.
Reader CANCrocodile CANCrocodile provides data on the work of the vehicle CAN bus without interfering the tire itself.
Reader 1708Crocodile 1708Crocodile obtains data from the bus J1708 (SAE J1587) without electrical connection.
Controller NozzleCrocodile NozzleCrocodile controlls the flow of gasoline and natural gas consumed by engine.
Sensors DDE, DP DDE, DP: are connected to the transport monitoring terminal.
Terminal GALILEOSKY Terminal GALILEOSKY: captures the most important parameters for the use of the vehicle.

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NozzleCrocodile is a device used in vehicle telematics systems to control the flow of gasoline and natural gas consumed by the engine.

Gasoline and gas consumption control system NozzleCrocodile reads nozzle motor control signals and converts them into standard pulses whose number is proportional to the amount of fuel consumed.

The field of NozzleCrocodile is a small commercial vehicles: cars, small passenger buses, business cargo vehicles, i.e. machinery, on which can not be applied DFM  fuel flow meters due to limited space under.

Reading of signals NozzleCrocodile is realized without an electrical contact with wires injector control. Thus, there is no interference with the electronic systems of the vehicle.

Technical characteristics NozzleCrocodile

Control system NozzleCrocodile

Benefits NozzleCrocodile

  • powered by onboard network  TC  - no need to use additional devices (power supplu units);
  • contactless reading signals without compromising the integrity of the wire insulation and the impact on electronic and electrical equipment of the car;
  • Easy installation and operation;
  • a light display modes;
  • work without pre-setting;
  • compatible with any GPS / GLONASS monitoring transport terminals having an input for pulsed flow of fuel;
  • certified by European standards of electromagnetic security installation on vehicles (E-mark).
  • a certificate of compliance with technical regulations on safety of wheeled vehicles PCT

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